How Can You Scan A Motherboard?

Scanning a motherboard can be done with the help of an electrical engineer. This article will cover how to scan the electronics for any possible damages or defects. If there are any, it is important to know what they are before continuing on with other repairs.

A motherboard is a complex electronic circuit board that plugs into your computer. It contains the CPU, RAM, BIOS and other hardware. In order to troubleshoot issues with your PC you may need to scan it for any errors or problems. This article will walk you through how to do just that!

Scanning a motherboard can be done easily by following these steps: 1) Turn off power supply 2) Connect a PS/2 keyboard 3) Connect a PS/2 mouse 4) Press the power button on the front panel 5) Plug in USB stick containing LiveCD 6) Boot from USB stick 7) Run Memtest86+ 8-10 hours 9-12 hours 10-14 hours 11 times 12 times 13 times 14 times 15

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