What is The Biggest Motherboard Size?

The size of the motherboard is a key component for any PC build and you’ll often see it written in terms of inches. Have you ever wondered what the biggest motherboard size is? It’s 12 x 12″. That’s right, this new board from MSI has an insane 1.5″ worth of surface area on either side to accommodate your needs!

There are many different motherboard sizes out there, but which is the biggest? When it comes to size, you can’t get any bigger than ATX. If you’re looking for a big board with plenty of room for all your components then this is the one for you! What’s your favorite type of motherboard? Let us know in the comments below!

The motherboard is the computer’s “control center.” It holds the CPU, RAM, and other essential hardware. What size should you buy? The ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended) has been around for over 25 years and is by far the most popular form factor. You can find it in everything from your home desktop to servers worldwide. Some newer motherboards are designed to be smaller than ATX—a Mini-ITX board might fit better in a laptop or small case, but if you’re planning on building a big rig with lots of hard drives, graphics cards, or high-end sound card options then an ATx motherboard will be necessary.

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