How Do I Connect RAM Into The Motherboard?

What are some of the not-so-obvious things to consider when connecting RAM into your motherboard?

I’m not the best at assembling things, but it’s always fun to learn. I found this cool guide on how to assemble RAM for my motherboard and wanted to share with you all!

First, check the motherboard to see if it has a slot for RAM. If there is no slot on this side of the board and you want to install more than one stick of RAM, your computer may have additional slots that can be found on other sides or at the back. Once you find the appropriate slot(s) for your new memory sticks, line up the notches in each with those in its matching socket. Then use a screwdriver to twist them into place until they are firmly seated. Finally make sure all the pins are lined up with their corresponding sockets before powering down and removing any existing power sources from your computer system!

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